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Check with your
current Farm and Ranch or Homeowner's policy agent first to see if you are covered. Some will cover you for prescribed  burning on your property, but will not cover you for an escaped fire, which is called a hostile fire in the insurance vernacular.  If you want to have that coverage there are currently only a few companies providing it. 
  • Bramlett Insurance in Oklahoma has a policy specific for prescribed burning.
  • Texas Farm Bureau's Ag Advantage Farm and Ranch policy will meet the requirement.  Check with the Texas Farm Bureau agent in your area.
  • Germania Farm and Ranch policy also covers hostile fire liability for prescribed burning, although it is not obvious from their website.  Check with an agent in your area.
  • Hocheim Prairies Insurance is reported to also have suitable Farm and Ranch Liability policy for prescribed burning, but it is not clear from their website. Check with an agent if there is one in your area.
    • Forestry Suppliers - This is a good source for safety equipment, drip torches, swatters, goggles, sunglasses, clothing, instruments.
    • The Supply Cache (also called Fire Cache) - Good for PPE clothing.  Little more aimed at professional firefighters than Forestry Suppliers. 
    • Ben Meadows - Similar to Forestry Suppliers.
    • Northern Tool Company - Good tools, pumps, and engines if you want to make your own or buy a gasoline engine driven pump for pickup truck or Utility Vehicle.
    • Gempler's - General farm supplies and equipment.  Pressure sprayers, safety glasses, hats and caps, gloves, respirators.
    •  Tractor Supply Company - Usually have local stores.  Good for ATV pressure sprayer units. Have some FR clothing.
    • - Electronics, such as radios or weather monitoring equipment, FR clothing, or books.
    • NOAA National Weather Service - Get 7-day forecast and 5-day spot forecast by the hour.  Enter your city and state in the search box at the upper left to get to your local forecast.  See Weather under News on this site for more information
    Prescribed Burn Training Schools
    These are schools that last about a week and are required for Texas certification as a prescribed burn manager.   These are much more intensive than the one-day training sessions that are sponsored by TPWD, NRCS, AgriLife, SCTPBA and others.
    Other PBAs
    The Prescribed Burn Alliance of Texas (PBAT) is a statewide alliance of all PBAs.  This is a good source for finding other PBAs and any information on prescribed burning.   Their website is
    TPWD also has a good list of other PBAs in the state at their website under Land and Water.  Here is a link

    Great Plains Fire Science Exchange Report
    Resource Material
    • Conducting Prescribed Fires - A Comprehensive Manual by John R. Weir.  This is a really good book for anyone wanting to better understand the process and wants to write plans.  The book is available through Amazon or at the TAMU book store for around $25-$30.