B. 2012 - 2015 Burns


Schmidt Burn 8/31/14

Schmidt Burn Plan Map

Peter Schmidt wanted to burn his improved grass pasture to plant native grasses with a grant from TPWD and NWTF.  We needed hot dry conditions to get a good burn.  Fayette County put in a burn ban just days before the target burn date, so we worked with the county government to get a permit to burn during the ban.
Most of the photographs below were by Miriam Hall, one of our crew members.

Test Fire

We started with a test burn to observe fire behavior.  This expanded into a blackline to protect the west flank.  Wind was out of the SE at around 10 mph.  Humidity was high at 60%.  Once the blackline was completed on the west side, we moved to strip firing the main 12 ac area.  The strip firing method was used due to windy conditions, giving us better control of fire intensity.


The Result

When it was all over around 3:30 PM, we had what we wanted with no escapes and no complications.  James and Peter continued patrolling to insure everything was out cold.

Chester 3/2/14

Chester Burn Plan


The weather was marginal at 72 degrees with 70% RH.  Winds were from the S-SW measured at 6 ft to be around 10 mph, gusting to 13.  The cloud cover was 100% until the last half hour of the burn.  We started around 2:00 PM and were finished by 3:30 PM.
Good fuel load in the open grass portions burned satisfactorily, but we could not get the fire to penetrate the wooded areas.  A few cedars burned at least partially.

Strip Head Fires

Doug and Danielle do strip head fires to get the grass to burn between wooded sections.  The fire would not penetrate the yaupon and oak thickets.

Schmidt 2/14/14

Schmidt Burn Plan Map

Schmidt Burn Pictures 2/14/14

The Crew - Post Burn

Back Burn

It was a fairly windy day with 40% RH and good fuel in most places.  We back burned and then head fired the most downwind section to create a large black area.


Then we flank fired the other two sections and finally set a head fire to finish it off.  The whole burn was done in an hour.  Another hour to mop up.

Morrison 1/26/14

Morrison Burn Plan

This burn was near Ellinger in Fayette County, South of Fayetteville.

Morrison Burn Pictures 1/26/14

The crew.

Back Burn

2012 Fall - 2013 Spring

Rives Burn 3/8/13

Rives Burn Plan

This was a classic textbook burn of a 12 ac rectangle.  It has been burned twice before, so firebreaks were well prepared and the landowner and burn boss knew what to expect.  We had 18 volunteers to help with this burn.  The weather was good and the fuel load was around 3000 lb/ac of little bluestem and other 1-hr fuels.   Everything went smoothly.

Setting the Back Burn

James Robinson (in yellow) lays down fire in strips to create a clean blackline on the downwind side.

Good firebreaks make safe burns

Firebreaks Are Key

Good firebreaks make safe burns.

Burn Finished

Once we set the headfire, it was over in a matter of minutes with a large cloud of smoke that appraetnly was visible a couple miles away on US 290 because someonec called in the fire to 911 and as the last few puffs of smoke were visible we could see Carmine VFD trucks working their way towards us.  A quick call to dispatch office was all it took to turn them around before they got to the site.

Rives Burn Results 2013

Great Results

Due to our careful planning and perhaps a little luck, we could feel a few drops of rain as we packed up to leave.  The next day the property got .7-in of rain.  One week later, it was already starting to turn green.  This picture is two weeks after the burn.

Hale Burn - 2/22/13

Burn Map and Video

Below is the map used for the ignition sequence.  We made a video of this burn and it is available on YouTube at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w14V6t_72o&list=FLVtk4V3WaVXM53SDVITTiAw

Doherty Burn 9/9/12

Larry Joe Doherty

Doherty Burn 120909 -- We had 29 participants to burn 4 acres!  It was a beautiful day with a light north wind, low humidity, and Category 4 conditions for smoke dissipation.  Even though much of the one-hour fuel was green, it burned satisfactorily and even set off a few cedars.

Doherty Burn 120909

2011 Fall - 2012 Spring

Brown Burn - Fayette Co. - March 5, 2012

See 18 minute video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYhVQV-mYvY  

Harris Burn 110303

Bryan Harris' burn near Lexington in Lee County March 3, 2011.

Hobbs Burn March 110101

Jeff Hobbs burn near Lincoln in Lee County March 1, 2011